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Canadian Dental Admission Aptitude Test
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Only  $59.95


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Welcome To ScholarWare's TopScore Pro for the DAT Software Unlock Process. 

Note: You are allowed to unlock TopScore Pro DAT-US version on one (1) computer for 7 months (starting from the day you unlock the software).  Make sure it is your personal study computer. Read the License Agreement by clicking here: License Agreement

There are two ways to unlock the TopScore Pro? software, Online/Internet Unlock and Offline/Manual Unlock.

Online Internet Unlock

This process is the simplest and is done by clicking on the Internet Unlock button on the Unlock Screen within the TopScore Pro? software program.  You MUST be connected to the internet when you press the Internet Unlock button.  The unlock process will proceed automatically.  You need a License Key and this key comes with the purchase of the software.

Offline Manual Unlock

This process takes a couple extra steps, but can be done from any computer via email connected to the internet. This is only possible if you know what your License Key and your study computer's Fingerprint codes.  

1.  You must have your License Key and the Computer Fingerprint from your study computer.  Only with this information in hand, you are ready to manually unlock your software. 
    2.  The License Key comes with your software purchase in an email.
    3.  The Computer Fingerprint is located on the Offline Manual Unlock Screen within the TopScore Pro software program. It is a formatted unique number. DO NOT MAKE THIS NUMBER UP.  IT COMES FROM YOUR STUDY COMPUTER.  Example Computer Fingerprint:  1234-5678-AA11-11BB

    4.  Once you have your study computer's Computer Fingerprint AND your License Key, you are prepared to retrieve your Activation/Unlock Code from our website.  To retrieve your Activation/Unlock Code send your Computer Finger Print and License Key via email to support@scholarware.com and request an Activation Code.  We will reply to your email with an Activation Code.  
    5.  Once you retrieve your Activation/Unlock Code, you will return to your study computer and enter the Activation/Unlock Code in the correct field on your study computer's Offline Unlock Screen to unlock your software.

Hint: Make sure you enter the License Key and Activation/Unlock Code EXACTLY correct.  Make sure you do NOT enter any trailing spaces.  Zero's will have a hash mark through the center like "0" or be a narrow "0" and the letter "O" will not have a hash or be broader.