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I receive the error message at the beginning of an installation: 'Could not initialize installation (CRC)'. What could be wrong?

The 'Could not initialize installation (CRC)' error message may occur due to one of the following reasons:

1. The installation performs a byte for byte comparison to ensure that the file is not corrupt. If the installation file is incomplete/truncated/corrupt, then the CRC check will fail.

2. The Windows and/or Temp directories are not writable.

Resolution to the corresponding items above:

Item 1. Compare the file size of the deployed installation to the file size of the original installation file. If the file size is different than the original, the CRC will fail. Another reason the CRC will fail is if the installation file has become corrupt. The CRC performs a byte for byte check of the .EXE at runtime and compares it to the CRC value generated at compile time. If the CRC value generated at runtime is different than then one generated at compile time, the 'Could not initialize installation (CRC)' error will occur. Any type of encryption performed on the .EXE after it is created will also cause the CRC to fail.

The CRC calculates a "cyclical redundancy check" value for the installation file. In effect, it performs a complex calculation on every byte in the file, generating a unique number for the file in question. If so much as a single byte in the file being checked were to change, the cyclical redundancy check value for that file would also change. The installations will error if the compile time CRC value does not match the runtime CRC value.

Re-deploy the installation .EXE and then execute the fresh copy of the installation.

Item 2. Verify that the Windows and/or Temp directories exist on the destination machine. Also, verify that the user has NTFS security permissions to write to the Windows and/or Temp directories. If the user does not have access to the Windows and/or Temp directories, then the 'Could not initialize installation (CRC)' error message will be displayed.

Re-run the installation after modifying the security permissions for the user with the Windows and/or Temp directories.