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Canadian Dental Admission Aptitude Test
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Only  $59.95


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How to get us a valid copy of your receipt:

A receipt is proof that you are the rightful user of TopScore Pro? software. Acceptable receipts come in different forms so here are some suggestions on how to provide us with an acceptable receipt.

If you purchased the software directly from ScholarWare, Inc.  your receipt came with your product on the outside shipping label.  It has your Customer ID on the receipt.  We keep a record of your purchase also and it is not necessary to fax us a copy of your receipt. or other online distributors you MUST FOLLOW these instructions:

They can provide you with a copy of your receipt.  You can do this a couple ways.  The best way is to fax or email us a copy of the receipt that came with the software.  If you do not have that receipt, you can obtain it ONLINE or by contacting the online company.  For example,  To obtain a receipt ONLINE:
1. Log into your account.
2. Find the ScholarWare item (TopScore Pro) in your list of items purchased
3. Click on the View order  button.
4. Click on the Need to print an invoice? button under Payment Information. This will display a receipt with your Name and Address on it.
5. Print out THIS web page "receipt" to y
our printer OR use the FILE SaveAs menu and save the file to your desktop as an HTML (webpage)
6. Fax the web page receipt to us or attach the HTML file to the reply email to us.
7. Don't forget to fill out an Support Request From and tell us to expect a fax receipt from you. 

It is difficult for us to accept credit card statements or cancelled checks as proof of purchase if the charge is to a distributor because those charges often contain other items and we really cannot verify that that charge was actually for our products.

If you purchased the software directly from us, we should have you as a registered customer and you may simply be asked to verify information on the customer record.

It is usually best if you keep your receipt!  We will do our best to work with you.


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