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Only  $59.95


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Why does the TopScore Pro? CD-ROM Expire?

First and foremost, we want our customers to be able to use the software for their important test. We also want our product to be affordable for you and your successors.  Hence we rent or license the use of our software to you for an allotted time. After you take your test, you have no further use for our product or the rental agreement. We expire the CD-ROM so that it does not fall into illegitimate users hands.  You are required to destroy or return the product to us when it expires.  You have made a small investment in succeeding on your test by legitimately getting our product.  When our product is shared, resold or pirated, everyone looses except possibly the thieves that stole our product.  You can make a difference by not participating in illegal and unethical behavior. 

You probably shouldn't worry too much about the expiration if you get the product legitimately.  It is our policy to guarantee you at least 7 months of use from your purchase date.  Depending upon when you purchase it, you sometimes get up to 8 months.  You do not know when the CD will expire, but should it expire BEFORE your 7 months, you get a FREE exchange. 

The CD is great to practice! In some cases (like our DAT and OAT CD) it actually simulates the real computer environment.  Regardless, it is meant as a study tool and a way for you to find out where your weakness are (the extensive reporting tools will show you this).  Plus you can master the timer and pace your performance.

The CD notifies you that it has expired.  You will not and must not use the CD after that.  You can review the content as many times as you like up until the CD expires.

If you take your test in July say, and the CD expires in June before 7 months from your purchase date, we will exchange your software (you must keep your receipt).

We recommend that you get the CD as soon as possible to start practicing and reviewing.  Chances are, if you prepare yourself well, you will be well-prepared to take your test.