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Canadian Dental Admission Aptitude Test
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Canadian Dental Admission Aptitude TestFREE ($9.95 Value) SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER !! Order today and receive the comprehensive
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Only  $59.95


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Why should I buy TopScore Pro? for the DAT?

TopScore Pro? for the DAT is unique because it was specifically designed to give you a very realistic experience of the Dental Admission Test before you actually sit for the exam. You will experience the computer testing environment and be able to practice the interface. You will go through over 839 sample questions covering ALL sections, including the Perceptual Ability sections. 

Reading comprehension is more difficult in the computer format, and with TopScore Pro?, you can practice, practice and practice with the 3 complete timed sample tests.

With TopScore Pro's? software testing program, you can actually simulate the real thing (4 hours and 15 minutes), or divide and conquer individual sections.

The reporting features are comprehensive too! Say for example you consistently spend more time on certain types of questions. TopScore Pro? will tell you how much time you spent on each question and whether you got it correct. This will help you determine if you are spending your valuable test time efficiently.

TopScore Pro's? is a feature rich software product. You have complete control over the timer and with PaceSetter, you can pace yourself so you LEARN what it will take to finish the complete exam. You don't want to get caught running out of time!

Is TopScore Pro? a comprehensive review guide for the subject matter covered on the DAT?

Yes and no. TopScore Pro's? Natural Science question section covers the topics asked on the DAT. However, it will not teach you everything about DNA, Stoichiometry, or Aromatic Derivatives. TopScore Pro? will test you on these subjects, but you must STUDY before you take the test!  The tests and format are actually like the "real thing".

Now, the Perceptual Ability sections do thoroughly cover authentic sample questions, and will provide you with a guide to improving your performance on this important and sometimes confusing section. 

Reading Comprehension is a bit tricky on the DAT because you do not have the ability of a "highlighter" or underlining. With TopScore Pro? you will be able to practice with 9 different scientific passages under actual timed conditions. If you can get through our passages and questions, you will be better prepared for the real thing.

If you do not have comprehensive subject matter review guides, (or good lecture notes), guides that cover General Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and College Math, can be obtained from a local bookstore. We recommend that you study these books before you take a TopScore Pro? test. This way, you will be able to determine where you need to spend your study time after you receive your scores from TopScore Pro?.

What's the difference between TopScore Pro? for the DAT and other review books?

For beginners, TopScore Pro? is computerized and follows the new DAT format! Furthermore, TopScore Pro has over 839 questions in 3 full length complete sample tests. It is the only product like it on the market.

We found that there was a serious lack of affordable and THOROUGH review material for the DAT. We didn't think a predental student needs to drop literally "hundreds of dollars" for special courses. The "other" short guides seemed too vague and contained only partially current information. Needless to say, they didn't contain even one full length sample test! The ADA does not provide sample content and provides only a quick "$10 Tutorial" of the computer. We certainly did not see the value of that tutorial. The ADA tutorial is not a true representation of the actual test.

So we decided to get together current dental students, professors, a couple doctors, an artist, editors, and a computer scientist, and put together a really nice software program that could make a difference in how someone prepared for the DAT.

TopScore Pro? meets the need for a quality and accurate simulation of the actual DAT.

At ScholarWare, we have done a tremendous amount of CURRENT research about the DAT. We employ current dental students, professors and doctors to keep us informed and up-to-date. After you see the benefit of TopScore Pro? and get into dental school, you may want to join our effort!

Thanks for asking!